Lounge and Listening Stations

In the foyer of the Akademie der Künste there are various works on display which offer a preview of the film and video programme. At several places there are also Listening Stations which approach the festival theme unfinish! from an acoustic point of view.

31/1 - 4/2
10:00 - 21:00

Lounge @ Foyer


Ciprian Muresan [ro]
Choose between two products with the same taste! Watch a small demonstration in which the brand is neutralised, losing any market value.

A Day to Remember

Liu Wei [cn]
On June 4th, 2005 Wei walked with a camera to Peking University and the Tian'anmen Square. Both locations are closely connected to the incidents later known as Tian'anmen Square Protests or Tian'anmen Square Massacre...


Christoph Draeger [ch]
The Cold War was based on fear and deterrence. In both the East and the West, propaganda films were made to prepare audiences for the worst: a nuclear attack...

The Chronic Argonauts

Javier Toscano [mx]
What would a group of people, radically conscious of their own finiteness, do with a little extra time on earth?
10:00 - 21:00

Listening stations @ Foyer

Amplified Perception: Noise Environments as New Frontier Between Beauty and Ugliness

Ricardo Caballero [mx]
Electronic Noise is not to create confusion or chaos. All sounds are made to develop a new kind of sonic generation.

13 Tracks

Gintas Kraptavicius [lt]
Intensity of powerful rhythmic carousels and intertwined sonic textures are melted into complex and dynamic musical paths.

Viva la vaches

tie guan ying [cn]
‘Viva La Vaches’ is a studio live recording from autumn 2005, entirely improvised under a circular method: feedback, loop and delay.

Imaginary Conversations in Reverberant Rooms

Gail Priest [au]
Preoccupied with the failure of humans to truly communicate, the work is an attempt to capture lost conversations and failed communions.
Sunday 4/2
12:00 - 20:00

reacTable @ Foyer


Günter Geiger [at], Sergi Jordà [es], Martin Kaltenbrunner [at], Marcos Alonso [es]
The ‘reacTable’ is an electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop user interface.