transmediale 07 winners

transmediale Award 2007

The transmediale Awards 2007 were announced at the Akademie der K√ľnste in Berlin. The international jury awarded a first prize and two second prizes.

The Belgian artist Herman Asselberghs received the first prize, the second prize was split between Antoine Schmitt from France and Tim Shore from the UK.

1. Prize: Herman Asselberghs (be): Proof of Life

2. Prize: Antoine Schmitt (fr): still living

2. Prize: Tim Shore (uk): Cabinet

Read the jury's statement concerning the awarded art works here.

Herman Asselberghs

Award Presentation

Sat 3 Feb, 12 h, Studio

Antoine Schmitt

Award Presentation

Sat 3 Feb 17 H, Salon

Tim Shore

Award Presentation

Fri 2 Feb, 17 H, Studio II


Trailer tm.07 online

Watch the video trailer of transmediale.07 online now (quicktime/2MB).