The 1. Prize was awarded to Julia Meltzer (us) and David Thorne (us) for their work "Not a Matter of If but When" (Video, 2006).

The 2. Prize was awarded to UBERMORGEN.COM (at), Paolo Cirio (it) and Alessandro Ludovico (it) for their project "Amazon Noir - The Big Book Crime" (Web project, 2006).

Photo: Hans Bernhard (UBERMORGEN.COM) and Paolo Cirio
Photo by Jonathan Gröger

The 3. Prize was awarded to Gordan Savicic (at) for his project "Constraint City: The Pain of Everyday Life" (Intervention, 2007).

Photo by Jonathan Gröger

The jury of transmediale.08 award consisted of Olga Goriunova (Moscow / Russia),  Nat Muller (Rotterdam / The Netherlands), Wonil Rhee (Seoul / South Korea), Mihaela Vasile (Bucharest / Romania) and Florian Wüst (Berlin / Germany).
Read their general statement here.

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