The following artworks were nominated for the transmediale.08 award:


Emanuel Andel, 5VOLTCORE (at):

(Interactive Installation, 2007)
In this classic knife game a robot becomes the opponent in a match about trust, truth and fear.

Michael Blum (at): The Three Failures

(Video, 2006)
A contemporary fairy tale about communism, social democracy and capitalism.

Daniela Comani (de):Ich war’s. Tagebuch 1900-1999

(Audio Installation, 2002/2005)
A diary in which the artist's persona is the author of the 20th Century's most poignant events.

Verena Friedrich (de): ENDO

(Installation, 2007)
A black box records every detail of its surroundings, but only reveals its own speculative presence.
Foto: Evelyn Jahns

Francis Hunger (de): The Setun Conspiracy

(Performative Installation, 2005)
A mysterious Russian computer in the 50's challenged the binary system. Visitors may enquire about it, and the artist may provide some answers.

Tron Lennon (uk): Improvisation 1 & 2

(Live Performance, 2007)
This exploration of indeterminate and dysfunctional systems creates an unpredictable world of sound.

Julia Meltzer, David Thorne (us): Not a Matter of If but When

(Video, 2006)
Remi Farah, a young Syrian performer recounts about a condition of uncertainty, stasis and chaos.

Keisuke Oki, Minoru Sato, Naoyuki Arashi (jp): Valve/Membrance

(Performance, 2007)
The valve adjusts the flow of gas and liquid, setting off a chain of vibrations which are caught by the membrance ... a mysterious entity signifying a state of desire connecting body, city and society.

Gordan Savicic (at): Constraint City: The Pain of Everyday Life

(Intervention, 2007)
A corset equipped with high torque motors contracts and expands as the wearer navigates through wireless networks.

UBERMORGEN.COM, Paolo Cirio, Alessandro Ludovico (at/it): Amazon Noir – The Big Book Crime

(Web Project, 2006)
Thieves of the invisible tricked's “Search Inside the Book” function ... getting away with the complete volumes of copyright protected books.

Christoph Wachter / Mathias Jud (de/ch): picidae

(Community Network, Installation, 2007)
"picidae" creates a server community which breaks national firewalls by redelivering complete, readable and hyperlinked images of blocked web sites.

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