Mikami, Seiko [jp], Ichikawa, Sota [jp]
February 4
10:00 - 22:00

[Exhibition from February, 4 to 8]

This interactive installation centres around an area made from 225 tiles with built-in sensors. When a visitor steps on this tile area and moves around, the variation of the position, weight, and speed, is automatically and continuously measured, analysed and reflected in sound, LED light and geometrical images. Gravity can be seen and heard and allows the visitor to have a new perception of his own body. Walking freely in the space, visitors are able feel gravity, resistance to it and the effects caused by other visitors. Additionally, the position of the exhibition space is simultaneously measured by GPS (Global Positioning System). In this system of satellites, installations, gravity and visitors, everything is constantly in motion and remains relative to each other within the space.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity has had the definitive influence on our understanding of the relationship between space, gravity and movement, as is shown in this installation. This piece does not only allow for the perception of ones own spatial position, however shows the shaping of the room itself through the body - both in the atmosphere and on the ground. As in a Japanese stone garden, the geo-design lines broaden around the body of the visitor. The forces that are active and the ones that influence each other are presented as light, sound and three-dimensional graphics and offer a one-time multi-sensory experience.