Wednesday 30/1 14:00

Session 1: The Chilean Network Experiment: From Poetics To Systemics @ Conference

Respondent: Alejandra Perez Nuñez [cl]

Looking into the origin of contemporary communication structures Cybersyn, the ‘Chilean Network Experiment' was a play between technical systems and the poetics of the Chilean road to socialism. The relationship of technology, politics and culture found in Cybersyn's construction reflected Chile's history of socialist change during the early 1970s and differed from the origins of the ARPANET, the Internet's predecessor. With ARPANET, we find the U.S Department of Defense engaged in building a decentralized network for communication during the height of the Cold War. In Cybersyn we find a different meeting of culture and technology during a politically precarious time. Its design included some of the ethical, cultural and participatory considerations that defined Chile's socialist experiment. On September 11th, 1973 the two diametrically opposed philosophies that shaped these networks confronted each other ...

The conference takes place at Auditorium.

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