Friday 1/2 19:00

Keynote event: Círculo reflexivo with Dr. Humberto Maturana and Prof. Ximena Davila @ Conference

Introduction: Matthew Fuller [uk]
Featuring: Dr. Humberto Maturana [cl], Prof. Ximena Dávila [cl]

Collaboration or obedience:  co(i)nspiration as the biological basis for human existence

A collaborative conversation between Doctor Maturana and Professor Dávila with the purpose of explaining the basis of human origins as a biological-cultural construct. They will speak about the origin of language and conversation to illustrate the type of worlds that are generated within our coexistence.
A ‘círculo reflexivo’ is a space constituted by people invited to reflect upon and converse, listen to each other, have opinions on a subject, in this case co(i)nspiration and collaboration as a conceptual, biological phenomenon.
Dr. Maturana and Prof. Dávila are the founders of Instituto Matríztico, where they develop an educational and research practice. They create learning relational spaces about our biological-cultural existence, conceived as experiential domains of reflections and interactions that evoke and realize the possibility of ethical responsibility in a world of collaborative co-existence.

The event takes place at Auditorium.

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