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Cluster "Conspiratory Truths": Wednesday 30/1 - Sunday 24/2, 10:00 - 20:00
Cluster "Conspiratory Truths": Wednesday 30/1 - Sunday 24/2, 10:00 - 20:00
"Secta" is docu-fiction revealing a secret utopian society- cult, which identity manifests through particular and often quite opaque behaviour in public spaces. The film exposes "Secta" as open-source, fluid network, which co-exists in between and together with the lines of official social realities. The project started questioning how private and public spaces in the context of west cities are constructed and experienced. The film was assembled relying on the tensions and meanings, which are generated when certain gestures are inserted into places and situations where they do not really belong or are not meant to be happening.
"Secta" is documented in the opaque manner, which attempts to amplify the sensitive gaze of the viewer allowing multiple readings of the situations viewed. The ambiguous "Secta’s" identity does not draw the clear lines between those outside or inside of its entity, implying that the viewer could be on both sides simultaneously.

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