[CP_08] Test Patterns: Saturday 2/2, 16:00 @ Theatersaal
[CP_08] Test Patterns: Saturday 2/2, 16:00 @ Theatersaal

Rainer Maria Rilke sketches out what might possibly be the most poetic idea for a phonographic recording “on Assumption Day 1919” in Soglio. The notion of steering the phonograph across a track “which was not derived from the graphic translation of sound, but existed of itself, naturally”—whereby in doing so, Rilke is thinking mainly of the coronal suture. In fact, when implemented, what emerges is what is described in the same text as “primal sound”: a note, a succession of notes, music that results from the decoding of a track that has never been encoded. Even Friedrich Kittler emphasized the high degree of medial reflection evident in Rilke’s text; it deals with no less than an expansion of the realm of sensory experience, something that neither poetry nor science are in a position to achieve. Is the (digital) video? (Vrääth Öhner)

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