Francis Hunger [de]

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Francis Hunger, born in 1976 in Dessau, lives and works as an artist and curator in Dortmund, Germany. He received his diploma 2003 and a post-graduate degree 2007 from the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig. Francis Hunger has exhibited his installations and performances at numerous venues including the Columbia University New York, Kunsthaus Dresden, Laden für Nichts Leipzig and many others. An important part of his artistic practice are lectures and publications on issues like technological development during the cold war period, gender and technology relation, open source software and post-marxist critical thinking, and visual arts related to this topical field. Since 2005 Francis Hunger has freelanced as a curator at Hartware MedienKunstVerein Dortmund, co-organizing and producing exhibitions and workshops.
Photo: Claudia Lindner

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